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This graphic pretty much speaks for itself. When deciding on a Datafile topic, usually I go with current events or something that relates to the area. The past couple of Datafile’s dealt with the oil spill, but I figured readers are getting fatigued on that story, and went with something to cleanse the palate, so to speak. Originally published July 18, 2010.


Full size graphic

Done for The Times-Picayune for May 14, 2010 print edition. This graphic shows the 2009 tracked path of a bluefin tuna as it makes it way around the Gulf of Mexico. A fun graphic to put together as I always enjoy doing maps with extra stuff to them that pointing out a location. Originally published May 14, 2010.


Full size graphic

Locates every 2009 murder in New Orleans. Used reports from The Times-Picayune. Originally published December 31, 2009.

An interactive, up-to-date 2010 New Orleans murder map


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