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July 19, 2010 / datamadesimple

Longest rivers in the United States

This graphic pretty much speaks for itself. When deciding on a Datafile topic, usually I go with current events or something that relates to the area. The past couple of Datafile’s dealt with the oil spill, but I figured readers are getting fatigued on that story, and went with something to cleanse the palate, so to speak. Originally published July 18, 2010.

July 13, 2010 / datamadesimple

Louisiana registered voters

Full size graphic

I haven’t been doing as much daily work lately because I am working, collaboratively, on a larger online oil spill presentation. I have been sneaking in graphics like this, though. Originally published July 13, 2010.

July 13, 2010 / datamadesimple

Trying to contain the oil

Full size graphic

This graphic uses information found at the Deepwater Horizon response site. The graphic’s intention is to show, over time, how much oil/oil-water mix has been recovered or contained and when each process was started. It also shows how much has spilled to date compared with the containment efforts.

Originally published July 11, 2010.

June 28, 2010 / datamadesimple

Oil spill response

Full size graphic

This graphic uses information found at the Deepwater Horizon response site. The idea behind this graphic was to show the difference between the beginning and current amount of personnel work involved in assisting with the oil spill. I used the typical “bathroom door silhouette” style to show the difference in amount between the two.

The chart to the right shows the total number of personnel workers responding from when the information was first published up until the last record was made. Originally published June 27, 2010.

June 23, 2010 / datamadesimple

Orleans Parish arrests

A graphic showing how many felonies make up the arrest total. Originally published June 23, 2010.

June 22, 2010 / datamadesimple

Pulitzer piece

This is the story that was nominated for a Pulitzer. Brendan McCarthy and Michael DeMocker deserve all of the credit for the terrific storytelling. I was just fortunate enough to be able to work on it with them and many others. Here’s proof that I’m not making this up. And here’s the link to the official Pulitzer page. Scroll down slightly to “Local reporting.”

June 22, 2010 / datamadesimple

Operation Wrinkled Robe

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An easy to follow (hopefully) interactive graphic about the intertwined soap opera known as Operation Wrinkled Robe. Many went to jail because of this.